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Federal and state laws impose various obligations on InsurancePolicyNow to respect the preferences of any person who does not wish to be contacted for telemarketing purposes. It is InsurancePolicyNow’s policy and practice to comply fully with all federal and state laws and regulations governing telemarketing and informational calls. InsurancePolicyNow employees, contractors, service providers, affiliates, and other persons or entities (collectively, “Representatives”) responsible for contacting customers and prospective customers by telephone are required to comply with the policies and procedures set forth herein as well as all applicable laws and regulations.

InsurancePolicyNow Corporate Do-Not-Call List

InsurancePolicyNow maintains an internal DNC List (the “InsurancePolicyNow DNC List”) to help ensure that it and its Representatives do not call consumers who do not wish to be contacted by InsurancePolicyNow. Any and all consumers who request to be added to the InsurancePolicyNow DNC List are added to the list at or about the time the request is made, and in no event more than 30 days from the date of the request.

InsurancePolicyNow’s Representatives are required to notify InsurancePolicyNow about any consumer who has requested to not be contacted regarding InsurancePolicyNow’s products and services so that they may be added to the InsurancePolicyNow DNC List.

InsurancePolicyNow and any Representatives that call on its behalf access and scrub against the InsurancePolicyNow DNC List prior to making any outbound calls to consumers.

National Do-Not-Call Registry

InsurancePolicyNow purchases the National Do-Not-Call Registry (“Registry”) annually and obtains a copy on or about the beginning of each calendar month, and in no event more than 31 days prior to a telemarketing call being placed. InsurancePolicyNow and any Representatives that call on its behalf access and scrub against the Registry prior to making any outbound telemarketing calls to consumers.

State Do-Not-Call Lists

InsurancePolicyNow purchases all applicable state Do-Not-Call lists (“DNC”) in accordance with respective state law, and scrubs against such lists prior to placing any outbound telemarketing calls to consumers in such states. InsurancePolicyNow requires that all Representatives who engage in telemarketing on its behalf ensure that they are in compliance with all relevant state laws regarding telemarketing.

InsurancePolicyNow trains its employees who are engaged in telemarketing on these policies and compliance with telemarketing laws.

InsurancePolicyNow takes compliance with federal and state telemarketing laws and regulations seriously, and thoroughly investigates all consumer complaints.

Your Custom Insurance Solution

Opting for InsurancePolicyNow goes beyond selecting an insurance policy—it means choosing a dedicated ally in your security and welfare.

We offer personalized coverage solutions accompanied by unmatched support, ensuring you’re well-protected and supported at every turn.

At InsurancePolicyNow, we’re not just about insurance; we’re about creating a safety net that empowers your journey through life. With a foundation built on trust, expertise, and innovation, we offer personalized insurance solutions that cater to the unique chapters of your life.

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